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Jiwon Choi

Jason, 최지원

My research aims to automate data analysis and presentation to lower the barrier of data analysis tasks. This includes: 1) Mixed-initiative systems that connect data visualization and natural language captions for data presentation; 2) Automatic exploratory visual analytics system reflects user intents, data insights, and expressiveness. I'm also interested in modern web development technology.


  • Jan. 2024

    🏆 Honored to receive an outstanding TA award!

  • Jan. 2024

    Excited to start a software engineer internship at NAVER Corp!

  • Oct. 2023

    I'm attending VIS 2023 (Melbourne, Austrailia) in person!

  • Jun. 2023

    I’m attending EuroVis 2023 (Leipzig, Germany) in person to preseny my poster “Multi-Criteria Optimization for Automatic Dashboard Design

Featured Projects



Instant and Interpretable Dashboard with User Intent



A Mixed-Initiative System for Intent-Based Chart Captioning

Projection Ensemble

Projection Ensemble

Visualizing the Robust Structures of Multidimensional Projections



Natural Language Guided Clothing Design System



A Visual Analytics Systems for Neural Architecture Search


  • May. 2021 - Present

    Sungkyunkwan University, Suwon, South Korea

    Research Assistant, Interactive Data Computing Lab

    Researching on the topic of automated data analysis.

  • Jan. 2024 - Feb. 2024

    NAVER Corporation, Seongnam, South Korea

    Software Engineer Intern

    Designed and developed automated web color palette recommendation and assignment module for internal product of NAVER Corp.

  • Sep. 2022 - Dec. 2023

    Sungkyunkwan University, Suwon, South Korea

    Teaching Assistant, Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering

    Introduction to HCI (2022 Fall, 2023 Falll), Open Source Software Practive (2022 Fall), Information Visualization (2023 Spring), Data Structures (2024 Spring)

  • Aug. 2023

    Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, South Korea

    Lecturer, Dept. of Applied AI

    Lectured on the topic of web development and open-source software.



Honors & Awards

  • Jan. 2024

    SKKU TA Award

    Selected as one of the outstanding TAs (18 TAs on campus)

  • Dec. 2023

    Shim-San Scholarship

    Selected as a recipient of the Shim-San Scholarship for the 2023 Fall by Dept. of CSE

  • Sep. 2023 - Aug. 2025

    SKKU Graduate School Scholarship

    Stipended of $7,000 per year for selected new graduate students in SKKU.

  • Jan. 2023

    SPARCS Startup Hackathon, 1st Place

    CloZ: Natural Language Guided Clothing Design System

  • Dec. 2022

    2022 SKKU College of Education AI-SW Capstone Design Contest, 3rd Place

    ELLmo: Deep-Learning-Based English Learning Feedback System

  • Sep. 2022

    2022 SKKU AI-Education Hackathon, 1st Place

    VACode: A Visual Analytics Systems for Learner-Sourced Code in Large-Scale Computer Science Education

  • Jan. 2022

    2022 Graffiti Startup Hackathon, 3rd Place

    Proposed research for data-driven startup improvement direction.

  • Jan. 2022

    Monothon Hackathon, 1st Place

    GeulJari: Personal Diary with Sentiment Visualization

  • Dec. 2021

    2021 SKKU College of Education AI-SW Capstone Design Contest, 3rd Place

    GIMD2: Gesture Interaction for Multi-Dimensional Data

  • Oct. 2021

    2021 KIISE Fall Conference Idea Hackathon, 3rd Place

    Proposed idea of deep learning based pronunciation correction assistant for articulation disorders.

  • Sep. 2021

    2021 SKKU AI-Education Hackathon, 2nd Place

    MILK: The Most Innovative Way to Learn Korean

  • Nov. 2020

    2020 KSIE 4th Industrial Revolution Contest, 3rd Place

  • Oct. 2012

    Seongdong Gifted Institute for Computer Science Contest, 1st Place

    Designed and developed personal dashboard system.

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